Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez is a traditional outfit that originated in South Asia. It is very popular in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Balochistan, Nepal and other neighbouring countries. Both men and women wear Salwar Kameez; but the style, length, and design set them apart.
Salwar It refers to the loose-fitted trousers that may take various forms.The Salwar can range from a wide top, narrowing down at the bottom for a traditional look to a straight cut for a more fashionable bell-bottom look that flaunts slim and tall body types.
Kameez It is the top or dress worn along with the Salwar and ranges from short to long length and slim fit to loose-fit. Women usually wear Salwar Kameez with a Dupatta; while men accompany it with a scarf or head cover.

Different types of Salwar Kameez

Anarkali suit

A modern and designer style derived from the dress worn by Anarkali, the court dancer from Lahore is very popular and in fashion. Also available in designer styles, Anarkali suits are worn by women during functions, ceremonies and festivals for a rich look.

Balochi suits

Originating from Baluchistan in Pakistan; it is a popular form of Salwar Kameez among both genders in the community. The men’s Balochi suit comprises of loose fitted Kameez with long sleeves and baggy Salwar; ladies additionally wear a head scarf with long Kameez and Salwar.

Punjabi suits

The Punjabi Salwar Kameez are different in style and cuts as opposed to its other variations. The Punjabi Salwar has straight cut with side slits; the Kameez is close fitting near the legs and gathering at the ankles.

Patiala suit

As the name suggests, this form of Salwar originated from the city of Patiala and takes the modern form of Punjabi Salwar Kameez. With several folds and pleats, the suit is very comfortable for a day wear and popular among north Indian women. Patiala Salwar highlights the body line and is usually worn with short Kameez and Dupatta on top.

Afghani suit

As the name suggests, these men’s suits are most popular among men in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Phiran and suit

Kashmiri version of Salwar Kameez is known as Phiran, Poots and suit. Kashmiri embroidered Phirans are a long and loose-fitted form of Salwar without any side slits. These are usually made of cotton, but in winter woollen Phirans are used to keep the body warm against the cold weather. Kashmiri women also adore themselves with Silver necklace, pendants, ear danglers, bracelets and armbands for an authentic Kashmiri look.

Kediyu and chorno suit

These are traditional Gujarati costumes worn by men during festivals and functions. Kediyu (Kameez) is a long-sleeved garment with several pleats starting in the chest and reaching till the waistline and chorno (Salwar) is a wide loosely fitting pant that narrows down at the ankle.

The modern-day Salwar Kameez is available in different fabrics and style for women and men; with new designer collections, prints and variations it is surely styling the nations!