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The Essential Guide to Asian Wedding Dresses

One of the most significant elements of an Asian wedding is the bold and vibrant colours that can be seen throughout the cultural extravaganza. As you look around an Asian wedding venue your eyes will meet a sea of bright and bold colours that transform the venue into a mesmerising and spectacular affair.

The bride’s dress will complete the lavish day, with again, vibrant and eye-catching colours and traditional designs.

As Asian weddings can include a vast amount of traditions, ceremonies and rituals, the bride’s attire will also be encompassed by traditions significant to their culture. The bride’s attire will be completely unique and special to the bride and her family. However, as unique as the bride’s dress will be on the day, there are some traditional elements that all Asian brides will include.

Traditionally at an Asian wedding, the bride will wear a 16-piece attire called the Solah Shringar. The Solah Shringar includes traditional makeup and the jewellery that the bride must wear on her wedding day. Each item is specially picked by the bride herself to wear and each of the items worn is thought to enhance her natural beauty.

What each bride will wear from the Solah Shingar will vary, however traditionally an Asian Bride will be found wearing Mehndi, which are intricate and elaborate patterns on her hands and feet applied with henna. Karn Phool, also known as the ear flower, which is a large decorated earring often supported by a chain passing over the crown of the bride’s head. The bride can also be found wearing Haar; a range of jewellery, such as chokers, jewelled necklaces and long gold chains which are often layered around her neck. Finally, it is rare to find an Asian bride who will not include Chooriyan in her Solah Shinger. These are an array of bangles that will be traditionally worn in red, white and gold around her wrist made from different materials.

Alongside the Solah Shringar, the bride may also wear a lehenga. This garment is usually made of silk and features a short blouse and a long A-line skirt. The colour of the lehenga is dependent on the bride’s community and culture and it is often of great significance to the family. Red is one of the most common colours that a bride will wear as it symbolises prosperity, fertility and marital bliss.

The lehenga will also be decorated with rhinestones and beads and intricately embroidered with accents of other colours, such as gold and silver to create an elaborate and beautiful design.

There is not a set course for what a bride will wear on this special occasion, as community rituals, personal preference and cultural tradition will all have an impact on overall garments. However, whatever the chosen attire, the bride will be an explosion of colour and elegance on her wedding day.

The best Asian wedding dresses we’ve seen this year

With every new year comes a whole host of new and exciting Asian wedding dresses, lehengas, and sarees for brides-to-be to choose from.

And, when you’re planning your wedding, choosing the perfect wedding dress is one of the most important decisions you will make. Picking out the perfect colour, style, and finish, there’s an awful lot to consider. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that the majority of brides-to-be need a little inspiration when it comes to discovering what they like and what they don’t like.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect Asian wedding dress this year, you might want to tune in. We’ve created a list of the best Asian wedding dresses that we’ve seen in 2016…

Quirky Bridal Dresses

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to Asian wedding dresses, allowing you to embrace a whole host of elaborate and beautifully crafted designs that are sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.

And this year is all about daring to be different, with many brides stepping out in eccentric dresses that bring together bold head dresses, fuchsia pink fabrics and applique flowers.

South Indian Inspired

Another popular trend this year is dresses that take their inspiration from South Indian culture. Think beautiful handloom sarees weaved in kora silk.

This simple yet high impact bridal style will allow you to capture the magical nature of traditional culture.


Sometimes it’s the simplest of designs that have the ability to make the biggest impact, right?

And this year, some of the best Asian wedding dresses we’ve seen have embraced true minimalist. So think high collars with a rigid banarasi border!

Full Skirt

An Asian wedding dress with a full skirt never fails to look effortlessly stylish and sophisticated, especially if it’s adorned with stunning embroidery and detail.

Look at Christian Dior’s exquisite collection of full skirts for inspiration. One of the best full skirts we’ve seen this year incorporated large ruby coloured stones, endearing gold embroidery, and Chantilly lace.

Cutwork details

Cutwork details never fail to give your Asian bridal wear a head turning edge.

And this year, there are a number of stunning Asian Wedding dresses that incorporate sparkling Swarovski crystal detailing and striking cutwork details.

Resham embroidery

Resham embroidery always looks amazing on Asian wedding dresses. Featuring multi-coloured embroidery teamed with white net, many brides-to-be opt for this look as an alternative to crystals and sequins.

Some of this year’s best wedding dress designs have featured this trend.

Popular colour combinations

Although trends vary form year-to-year, popular Asian bridal wear colour combinations tend to stay the same.

From red and green through to red and white, these classic colour trends never fail to make a memorable impact.

Of course, that’s not to say that there aren’t a number of other exciting colour ways for you to try. This year, many brides have opted for fuchsia pink as an alternative to red!

Some of the best Asian wedding dresses experiment with an eclectic mix of fabrics and colours, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to choosing the perfect dress.

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