Asian Wedding Events and Party Caterers

Asian culture is certainly full of many diverse types of ceremony and celebration. From roka and chunni engagement ceremonies to lavish weddings, birthdays and anniversary celebrations, there always seem to be events that need planning almost all the time. Of course, as you would expect, nearly all these Asian celebrations have a strong traditional base, …

Asian Wedding Directory

Asian Wedding Directory

If you are planning an Asian Wedding, have a browse through our Asian Wedding Directory, part of the Asian Directory App – we have all the Indian classics! We have a wealth of ideas for South-Asian weddings including info on the best wedding venues, bridal shops, asian jewellery, DJ’s, Indian wedding mandaps, wedding hair dressers …

Asian Wedding Ceremonies

Asian weddings are known for their vast amount of rituals and traditions. The colourful and cultural extravaganza can last over

Asian wedding photographer

Choosing the right Asian wedding photographer – things to think about When it comes to capturing the magic and significance

Asian Wedding Jewellery

Asian Wedding Jewellery trends – 2016 When you’re planning an Asian wedding, there are a lot of things to think