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Indian Wedding Photographer – Making sure it all matches Up

Having chosen your Indian Wedding Photographer, you want to be sure those pictures are going to come out just perfect.

In the unlikely event that you have already made your decision about colours clothing and themes, think again. It is very useful to have a chat to your photographer about several factors that will affect the outcome of the pictures.

Indian Wedding Photographer

Different colours that work together as a fantastic contrast in everyday life may not work well in a photograph. So, it is important to be able to ask your photographer which colour combinations you should or shouldn’t mix. Asian weddings generally and Indian weddings, are known for the abundance of colour that is everywhere. This this is the norm and should not be watered down. Nevertheless how the colours blend in a photograph will determine the outcome of those photographs, a lifelong treasured memory.

Photography contingencies

You may think you have all the solutions carefully rounded up, because your clothing colours blend together well. Note however that too much of one shade will create a colour blur. If you don’t have control over the colours of the mandap or the surrounding colours it e.g. Hotel soft furnishing, stop and think. You may need to check early on what kind of coloured mixes are taking place in the background. Exceptionally similar colours can play the fool with even the most discerning eye. This could leave you with some rather odd-looking pictures.

A qualified and experienced Indian Wedding Photographer will know exactly when and why colour blends of clothing or wedding props are going to cause a problem. They will be able to touch them up if necessary. It may seem a bit weird talking to a photographer about the colour of a dress, or even fashion accessories such as cummerbunds and ties. It will be worth it.


Lighting is critical and this is often overlooked when choosing colours. When there are a lot of whites with different grades of cream and ivories, risk of a colour blend is high. This is especially true in weak light.

With the colours and the lighting right, the next factor to consider is the opacity of the textiles used. Shiny is fantastic, it looks great on the day, but will the textile cause a problem with reflection in the photographs?  A good photographer will know how to set their camera to account for this. Therefore it is rather important to choose one that is an experienced Indian Wedding Photographer.

Matching it all up

You may decide to have all the colours on the spectrum at your wedding, It is possible that will happen anyway with the bright diversity of colours that your guests will choose to wear.  It is also important to remember one thing: The wedding party wants to stand out from the rest of the crowd. The thing is with Asian weddings colours tend be chosen across a palette. Unlike traditional western weddings where there is a main colour and a contrast. The Asian wedding is quite distinctive that there is an ascending or descending stream of colour.

Black and white are not considered to auspicious at Asian weddings. There is likely to be very little chance that they will be seen or even worn by the guests. Are you guests aware that red and crimson are colours that are usually worn by the bride and groom? In Western society, it would rude to turn up wearing something that is similar to the bride and groom. The same should be assumed at an Indian wedding. It is therefore important that your guests are aware of the colour schemes so as not to cause any embarrassment.

Changes in the process

Another question to bear in mind is whether there will be guests that are not aware of the process. From the Mehendi and Sangeet to the wedding ceremony itself and the reception too. Some bridal troupes change their clothing across the celebrations. This will in turn affect the decisions being made relating to colour, contrast and lighting.

Choosing the right venue/s will have an impact on the photography too. Many Asian wedding ceremonies take place outside. A lovely garden space is ideal for these but it would then be prudent to remember that wearing green may not be a good idea.  There is the the risk that a couple could blend in too well with the lush greenery which surrounds them. An experienced Asian Wedding photographer will know how to overcome any of these obstacles.

Once all the separate decisions have been made, covering the venue, the themes, the colours, the date and of course the photographer, it is advisable to look at the decisions and see if any of them clash.

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