Marquee hire for Indian Weddings

Marquee hire – ask any typical American or Brit about a wedding tent or marquee and they’ll most likely describe it as a large white tent. With those that do, you can probably guess that they have never been to an Asian wedding. Marquee hire is a core part of the arrangements of an Asian wedding and the Mandap is the core feature.

Marquee hire

In the past Asian weddings have traditionally taken place outside. In the UK, the unreliable and exceptionally unpredictable weather that we have means that the more traditional a wedding is, the more likely it will need a tent or a marquee. Not all wedding tents are made the same, so when you decide to choose one you are going to have to do some shopping around. Almost much as the bride will have to, for her dress. After all the tent is the wedding dress of the entire event.

Similarly, the Mandap could be considered the same. The possibilities for the mandap seem limitless once you apply your imagination. All you need to do is look at the different styles and themes that are available across the UK.

Tent or Marquee Hire

There will be several considerations when hiring a tent. The first is obviously the venue. Are you sure that the venue has the spatial capacity for the size and style of the tent you want to hire. It is good idea to ensure that although the venue is ideal for weddings that take place outside. Do you have the consent to pitch a marquee or tent? If the venue has never been used for an Indian wedding before, be sure that the hosts at the venue are aware of everything that is involved in preparations. One would expect that people would know that the affair is not one of a simple turn up and celebrate. Weddings take days of preparation that will need to take place before the event.

The Mandap

Putting up a mandap is a given, whether the wedding is indoors or out. Few wedding venue hosts could possibly be ignorant of the requirements for one. However there are still some checks that need to be made. The size of the room where the wedding will take place is a critical factor. Some Mandaps are tall with some rather exotic accessories, so the height of the ceiling should never be left as an afterthought.

Size matters

The overall size of the Marquee must also be decided upon. Based on the number of wedding guests that are expected to come, a decision should easily be made. This will influence the end cost. Remember that no one likes to be crushed up close in a tent. No one should feel that they must endure the proceedings rather than enjoy them.

Hire or Buy

Most people will look at this option rather sceptically. Ask anyone that has six daughters whether they think it’s more cost effective to buy or to Marquee hire a wedding tent. Large families are likely to entertain at many ceremonial events over the years. For them buying a tent may be a financially better choice.

The overall theme

While mixing and matching ensures that everything fits together, it is something the women will watch with a close eye for detail. Imagine the wrath of the future mother in law if the tent detracts from this entirely. The outfits and the bride and groom’s attire have been selected and are perfect. The colour palette is ideal and the catering has been organised to meet the needs of every possible guest. The absolute last thing you need is the wrong tent or mandap. You wouldn’t pitch a military tent for a children’s birthday party. In the same way you wouldn’t pitch a bland makeshift tent at a wedding where everything else has been planned down to the finest detail.


Always check what contingencies are in place. Make sure to call your tent provider at least a week to ten days before the event. While it is a nightmare scenario, you wouldn’t want to have everything else in perfect place, and no tent because your tent supplier has suddenly gone out of business. Always have a contingency even for the tent and the Mandap. Where possible however try and see if you can get both from the same supplier. When this happens the supplier will ensure that everything fits in place.

Ask your supplier if they visit the event site well before the event to ensure that the tent can be appropriately sited.  If they don’t do pre-checks, then look elsewhere.

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