Wedding Flowers

There’s nothing that makes the perfect wedding venue more than the right choice of Wedding Flowers. They’re an important part of the day’s celebrations, whether you’re ordering bouquets from the local florist or using a specialist venue dressing service to do everything for you.

Wedding flowers add colour, smell and a sense of occasion to any location.

Choosing the Right Flowers

If you don’t know your roses from your carnations, picking the right flowers for your wedding is going to be a nightmare. Most people take the advice of their florist or event organiser when it comes to making this important choice.

There’s also your budget to consider, which may limit what you can achieve. There might be some stunning bouquets out there and you want to have flowers on each table but need to watch the pennies. The good news when it comes to wedding flowers is, that with modern growing techniques, you can find almost any type of flower all year round.

Traditional wedding flowers could include:

  • The Rose, which has long been a favourite at weddings and is available in a host of assorted colours. If you want something that symbolises love, this is the perfect choice.Wedding Flowers - Roses
  • Tulips are another good selection but often aren’t top of everyone’s list. Tulips signify ‘consuming love’ and they are not only beautiful to look at but have great meaning as well.Wedding Flowers - Tulips
  • If you want something more exotic, especially for your bouquet, the African Calla Lily is becoming quite popular as a wedding flower.Wedding Flowers - African Calla Lily
  • Hydrangeas make great wedding flowers, particularly if you want something to adorn the tables for your reception or hanging from baskets around the walls and from the ceiling.Wedding Flowers - Hydrangeas
  • The Ranunculus is a cost-effective flower compared to high grade roses and lilies and is great not only for the bouquet but button holes as well.Wedding Flowers - Ranunculus

How Many Wedding Flowers Do I Need?

When choosing those wedding flowers for the big day, there are several decisions you are going to need to make. The first is the cost and how many different flowers you can afford for the budget you have set aside. The second is what look and feel you want to create with your displays and where you are going to put them. It’s a clever idea to work closely with your florist and explain the kind of space you are hoping to fill. Alternatively, you might want to bring on board a wedding venue decorator who will not only handle your flowers but also all the other bits and pieces you need for the big day.

For Indian and Asian celebrations, you will want garlands of wedding flowers for the ceremony and to decorate the mandap. In some Hindu ceremonies, the guests also throw flower petals at the married couple. You could want flowers for your hair or you may decide to carry a traditional bouquet.

There’s no doubt that arranging the flowers for your wedding day can take a good deal of thought and work, along with everything else you must organise. Too few and the place can look a touch spartan. Too many and you can make your wedding venue look like a florist.
Getting the right advice from the professionals is always help you keep the best balance. They’ll know how to make the most of a space, keep you within budget and guide you on choosing the right flowers.

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